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Tropical paintings: 365 días en el bosque tropical 
(2006 - Present)

A series of prepared canvases are left out in the Northern Tropical forest of Puerto Rico for a specific period of time. The results are subject to the conditions of the place and time, since the humidity, the flora and the fauna affect aesthetically any object or organism left there during a prolong period. When the pieces are recollected they are cleaned removing any insects, roots or maggots that have adhered themselves to the canvas, revealing the traces of what took place on the surface during the time period it was left in the forest were the artist grew up. In the studio a white frame is painted in the canvas where a short written text is placed, describing the process; the time the painting remained in the forest, the location where it was left and any reference to the things, people or artists that served as inspiration. In addition, found objects in the forest are collected, showing - as the paintings do as well - the traces left by time.