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Tapando para ver (2000 - Present)

The advertising world has control over most trends, consequently control of our different tastes in fashion, culture and social relations. This project pays tribute to  the ‘real’ contemporary artists, the creative minds behind mass media. 

Sections of newspapers, billboards, bus stop ads, T.V. ads and radio transmissions are carefully selected and covered up. Tapando para ver, tries to reveals a new encoded message by leaving only to see certain parts of advertisements and news headlines. By covering these ads, the project perhaps suggest, what’s really significant and leaves out what is not necessarily important and/or what’s excessively presented, that way unveiling hidden messages within what was already there and had been unseen.

While exhibited, the gallery installation included a map of possible interventions, a collection of intervened newspapers (which kept growing while on display), documentation of past public interventions and even an actual billboard.